Pathwise Parenting

By Jennifer Wison and Joleen Hollow-Bist | Program Founders In recognition of the many wonderful parents in the Pathwise program who have asked about improving their relationship with their family and children based on what they are learning, Pathwise has developed a special program to elevate family life--“Pathwise Parenting - Awakening to Parenthood.” As parents, we want the best future … Continue reading Pathwise Parenting

Metanoia – Understanding The Self, Transforming The Self

by Endre Voros, Pathwise Instructor Metanoia is an old Greek word, meaning “a transformative change of heart” or “a change in one’s way of life.” Metanoia implies reformation or atonement. While there are religious definitions for these terms, let’s stay with the psychological. Atonement simply means forgiveness, namely, the self-forgiveness necessary for any positive change. … Continue reading Metanoia – Understanding The Self, Transforming The Self