By Jennifer Wison and Joleen Hollow-Bist | Program Founders

In recognition of the many wonderful parents in the Pathwise program who have asked about improving their relationship with their family and children based on what they are learning, Pathwise has developed a special program to elevate family life–“Pathwise Parenting – Awakening to Parenthood.

As parents, we want the best future for our children. We often feel overwhelmed with the choices we are faced with when trying to ensure that we are offering them the greatest possibilities. We love them and do not want to see them suffer or flounder. We search the world over trying to provide them opportunities at a good life. As parents, we can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on the best clothes, the coolest sports, the finest academic schools, head start programs for preschoolers, chess club, extracurricular lessons and activities, all intended to give our children a “leg up” in the world. While many of these activities can boost my child’s academic knowledge and physical abilities we may be able to sense that these are not enough to prepare them to meet all of what life asks of us. Much of what they learn about how to face their own lives is a reflection of their home life and early attachment models; it is what they learn from us.

So then, how can we prepare our children for a full and future healthy life? I can begin to approach this question by looking inward. How has my past shaped who I am today? How will what I do now shape my child’s future? While many parents may feel good about their relationship with their child, self-development can enhance and enrich this relationship. The human brain has the capacity to make new connections and integrate the past, the present and ideas about the future throughout the lifespan. Research has shown that, as parents, our development, emotional maturity, flexibility and cognitive ability is directly linked with how well our child will thrive. By thriving and becoming more fully authentically ourselves we invite our child to do the same.

If you are interested in enriching your parent and co-parenting journey, Pathwise Parenting is accepting new members. To learn more about the program please contact one of the co-directors Joleen or Jennifer.

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