by Wilde Grace, Pathwise Contributor

Have you ever held a dragonfly in your hand? I held this amazing creature (pictured above) and felt her breath, her heartbeat, the heat of lifeblood pulsing with mine. I picked her up off the sidewalk where she lay wounded and tried to set her on a fern where she could safely die. But she held on, crawled further onto my hand, taking refuge in the heat and companionship, she grasped my hand in her tiny ones and we gazed into each other’s eyes for many moments. She showed me her fairy wings, glistening in the sun, magic taking form.

I imagined my calm presence bringing her peace in what must be a confusing time. Tears came and I welcomed them to flow freely, to honor the beauty of this life and the proof of our ultimate connectedness. Beings, together. I could not heal her wounds or bring back her gift of flight. But I could hold her. When she was ready to let go I placed her on a mossy rock to live out her time, having taken the gift of her beautiful delicacy and the remainder of the preciousness of this impermanent existence.

“All that I know of life and myself is that we are just a midair flight of golden wine between His Pitcher and His Cup”. -Hafiz

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