WyldeGrace, Pathwise Contributor 

Tell me what does it mean to Be Brave?
Asked the reader of my sweatshirt

He was a stranger
With a good question
And I did not pause to think
But let my answer flow
From my experience…
Leaving a job that doesn’t feed you
Moving away from a place of comfort and ease
Following your heart’s dream

Satisfied with his need to know
He moved along, leaving me
Alone, lingering with my words

I want to be brave
And for me that means
Putting down my protest sign
Walking across the “enemy’” line
With a white flag
Emblazoned with hearts

Disarming the weapon of my tongue
Listening with an alley’s ears
Expanding my capacity to care
Especially for what I don’t understand
Including those deepest darkest fears

Dropping the party line
Leaning in to the Other’s pain
Embracing what feels edgy and strange
Trading fighting words
For a hot casserole and a hug

Anger is subtext for internal terror
Hopeless yearning
Unrequited desire
to be acknowledged
to be accepted
to be loved

Being brave means walking into the fire
As far as it takes
To melt the armor of me, and you
Until softened, we forge
Meld together an ever stronger
Bridge beyond right and wrong

It’s baring my soul while bearing another’s
Letting true tears flow
Sweeping the shards of shared grief
Giving kind attention
Redefining Their pain as Ours

Perhaps the bravest act I can muster
Is to surrender…

Give up my need to know
To be right
Blind myself to Red versus Blue
Black and White

Come! Wade down to the murky swamp bottoms with me
Dwell in the gray space of ‘don’t know’ mind
Which is not a place near ignorance
But more neighborly to faith of a kind

Come with courage and surrender
Letting go into the tender
Stand aside me as we
Free fall into the slipstream of love


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