Our Minds Are Not Our Own – Understanding Unconscious Bias

Every day we run misinformation campaigns: in our subconscious minds. The only problem is that our unconscious biases keep hidden and we remain none the wiser because they are implicitly believed and remain completely unexamined. Unconscious bias is a hibernating bear in the dead of winter, resting deep within our psyche, emerging from sedimentary layers of personal experience and opinion. Unconscious biases flourish while thought around them remains unexamined. Consequently, looking at our biases is a great way to deconstruct them.

Organizational Change & Transformation is Archetypal

We assume data, metrics, and roadmaps are discrete, objective, and faultless. However, the same data set can be interpreted many ways, and often our underlying, unconscious emotions, affect the stories we choose to tell. We cling to these tools with a white-knuckled desperation, rigidly interpreting results in a manner consistent with what brings us comfort. Thus, the way we use data, metrics, tends to be reactive in its very nature. 

Leading Change in the Midst of Change

There are two types of change: change that you influence and change that influences you. One has the elements of volition and a sense of control. Our egos love being validated, seated squarely in the driver’s seat. The other implies a sense of loss of the familiar and maybe even victimization or disillusionment. Our egos never like being strapped in the back, restrained in a car seat with a plastic binky shoved in our mouths silencing our restless dissent.