Organizational Change & Transformation is Archetypal

by Endre Voros Growth. Change. Transformation. Business Acceleration. In our quest for the above, we are all chasing the three essential secrets listed below: (1) How to really engage the end user, consumer/customer; (2) How to build teams and companies that can deliver experiences that drive profit and revenue; and (3) How to create cultures that maintain the health of the … Continue reading Organizational Change & Transformation is Archetypal

Leading Change in the Midst of Change

There are two types of change: change that you influence and change that influences you. One has the elements of volition and a sense of control. Our egos love being validated, seated squarely in the driver’s seat. The other implies a sense of loss of the familiar and maybe even victimization or disillusionment. Our egos never like being strapped in the back, restrained in a car seat with a plastic binky shoved in our mouths silencing our restless dissent.